What is Otolaryngology?

Otolaryngology is the investigation and treatment disorders of the head and neck, especially those related to the ear, nose and throat. The specialty encompasses management of ear disease, imbalance and hearing loss, examination of air and food passages, care of nose and sinuses, tumours of the head and neck, laryngeal and thyroid disorders. Management may be medical and in some cases surgical as well. An Otolaryngologist is trained to be both physician and surgeon – to provide medical care and if necessary perform surgery for ear, nose and throat problems. A large part of an Otolaryngologist’s practice takes place in the outpatient clinic, where many procedures are carried out and diagnoses are made. This may involve rigid endoscopes, flexible fibre-optic endoscopes or microscopes.
What is Paediatric Otolaryngology?

This is an Otolaryngologist who has undertaken specialised training in paediatric ENT surgery.
There are unique differences between children and adults in all areas of ear, nose, throat, head
and neck surgery.

Children cannot always recognise their symptoms, or explain what is troubling them. A Paediatric
Otolaryngologist is trained to evaluate and treat children in a manner that makes them relaxed
and happy to participate.